Cheat on your Airline, Lose the Love!

The airlines are smart! They understand that once you start a “relationship” with an airline you must foster, snuggle up to, and work hard to keep the love flowing. Meaning, you “gotta” fly with them all you can. “Cheating” with another airline can create a nasty relationship where you “lose the love”. ☺


I have been flying American Airlines as a “Frequent Flier” since 1990. Being based near DFW made it quite easy and convenient to get to many destinations domestically and internationally. 


Truthfully, it is all about the status! What do you get?


  • Upgrades
  • Free Companion Tickets
  • Free or discounted food and drinks
  • Special check in areas
  • Luggage treated with priority.
  • Recognition during check in and flight.
  • No fee to change tickets.
  • Same Day Flight change


I recently made it to the PINNACLE of American Airlines status. Concierge Key! WOOHOOO

It is one of those mystical levels that there is no formula for to achieve. You never know you have it until you get it. It is some crazy compilation of miles flown, dollars spent, business class tickets purchased, points earned, social media love, and who knows what else!


I was logging into my AA account a few months ago when I saw those words “CONCIERGE KEY”.  The harps began to play, and I felt I was floating on air. (Ok, maybe no harps)


I have been Executive Platinum for many years, and you usually have a half-dozen others who are on a flight. Now if you are flying to Chicago, there may be 30! ☺ 

But when they call for “Concierge Key” (which only the Handicapped and Elderly get preference over), there might be only you on a domestic flight, and even on my current flight from London to DFW, I was it! 

I do feel a little “SNOOTY” as I walk past the “Que” who are assembling like a herd of cattle for “Group One” calling. (now Group One seems so low level…just kidding) 

But do I #humblemyself and just wait in the line? NOPE, I earned this one baby! ☺


What does this get you beside boarding early?

  • Upgrades who knows how far out…but early
  • A phone call from an agent when flight delayed or cancelled to assist direct.
  • A personalized gate agent who may have your name on a sign. (embarrassing)
  • A toll-free line that someone from the USA (Excellent English) answers. (No disrespect… but you get it.)
  • Use of TOP TIER lounges like the “FlagShip AA Lounge”, even if flying domestic
  • The cool “BUGGY” (golf cart) from one gate to the next.
  • Recent flight to London, they took us out a side door for private van transfer from terminal 3 to terminal 5 with quick entry thru FAST-TRACK!
  • Upgrades to First Class from Business


Now here is more on that. I have NEVER purchased or been upgraded from Business Class to First Class. I had assumed that it was just more detailed service. WRONG! 

As I am writing this, I am seated in seat “1J” on the 777-300 from London to DFW. I used miles to travel business class but was upgraded to First Class. 


Just WoW!


  • 50% larger seat/seating area (and only 8 total).
  • Seat swivels to windows to make a desk. (I feel like I am on Air Force One…which I have never been on)
  • Superior Service from the Flight Attendants.
  • Recognition by the Pilots
  • Food is over the top.

I don’t know how long I can keep this level, but it is worth it if you can “stomach” the travel it takes to get there. Time away from home, my wife and my own bed is probably not worth the trade-off. But if you must, stick with one airline!


Did someone call for “CONCIERGE KEY”? ☺


June 2023

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