Day Three: Eastbound and Down!

The Boat Shed hotel has really cool Suzuki Jeeps to use to venture out. So late morning it was off to the East Side of Waikehe Island. We meandered through the town of Onetangi and headed est. As we left the “sealed road”, and onto the hard packed road along the east side, the cars became fewer and fewer, and the sheep became the most prevalent living beings we encountered. NZ has an abundance of wineries, with 30 being on Waiheke alone. One of the most remote is Man-of-War. They have a small wedding chapel that had a young couple planning their nuptials. Appeared to seat less than 30 people with any more being packed in like sardines in a tin can! But what a view.

We made our way a few “KLICKS” (KM) down the coast to Waiheke Distillery. Now this one was “da capper”. Very remote so just a few others were there at that time.. The view…Hands down the best we have seen on the island. They had a nice flight of three gins as well as some nice cocktails. (Mom, I don’t drink…but Lori did have a few). Also a nice smoked fish plate as a light appetizer.

We decided to skip dinner and watch a movie in the room. I grabbed a quick pizza down the road at a small Italian place in a smaller trailer! Superb!

Finishing up our time in Waiheke! It is off to the south island for our continued diligent search for the Hobbits! (Mike Hobbit specifically) 

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