Travel Tips: Rwanda

Rwanda is a small country located in East Africa that is known for its breathtaking scenery and unique
wildlife. One of the most popular activities for visitors to Rwanda is gorilla tracking, where visitors can
get up close and personal with the country’s rare mountain gorillas. If you are planning to travel to
Rwanda to see the gorillas, here are some important travel tips to keep in mind:

1. Obtain the required permits: Visitors are required to obtain permits in advance to track the
gorillas in Rwanda. The permits can be obtained through the Rwanda Development Board or
through a local tour operator.
2. Choose the right time to visit: The best time to visit Rwanda to see the gorillas is during the dry
season, from June to September or from December to February. During these months, the trails
are less muddy and the gorillas are easier to track.
3. Dress appropriately: It is important to dress appropriately for gorilla tracking, including long-
sleeved shirts, long pants, and sturdy hiking boots. You may also want to bring a waterproof
jacket in case of rain.
4. Hire a local guide: It is mandatory to hire a local guide for gorilla tracking in Rwanda. These
guides are knowledgeable about the gorillas and their behavior, and they can help visitors to get
the best experience.
5. Respect the gorillas: Visitors are required to maintain a distance of at least 7 meters from the
gorillas, and to avoid direct eye contact. It is also important to avoid loud noises and sudden
movements that could disturb the gorillas.
6. Consider your fitness level: Gorilla tracking in Rwanda involves hiking through mountainous
terrain, and it can be physically demanding. Visitors should be reasonably fit and able to hike for
several hours.
7. Plan for additional activities: Rwanda offers a range of other activities besides gorilla tracking,
such as hiking, bird watching, and cultural tours. Visitors may want to plan for additional
activities to make the most of their trip.